Our Vision: An open and welcoming faith community seeking to live Christ’s wisdom and peace in the world.


  • To different perspectives on faith and life
  • To wisdom from other religious traditions, science and academic disciplines
  • To newcomers
  • To God’s Spirit


  • To those who identify as LGBTQ2+
  • To those in need of mobility and hearing assistance.
  • Membership is based on Christian faith and not gender identity or sexual orientation.
  • We support same sex marriage. All leadership positions are open to any member.
  • We continue to grow and learn…we’re not perfect!


  • Our reason for being is Christian faith.
  • We find our identity and orientation in Biblical scripture
  • Worship is our central, common activity.


  • We seek to build and maintain a communal culture.
  • We invite broad participation in worship, preaching and church ministries.
  • We try to support one another in times of illness and difficulty.


  • We don’t have all the answers.
  • We value questioning and discernment.
  • Traditional truths must be re-examined in light of new developments.

To Live

  • Christian faith is to be demonstrated in behaviour, not just in words.
  • Anabaptist conviction is that Jesus is to be followed, not just worshipped.
  • Following Jesus means working toward social and environmental justice with compassion.


  • Jesus Christ as revelation of God’s character, purpose and will.
  • Jesus as interpretive lens for life and scripture.
  • Christ as mediator, reconciler of all things.


  • Learning to live with paradox.
  • Moving toward maturity and depth.


  • God’s desire is to make peace – to reconcile us to one another, to the earth and to God.
  • Peacemaking is active and not passive.
  • No true peace without justice.

In the World

  • The world is wonderful.
  • We are called to engage and participate.
  • We are not separatist, sectarian or dualistic.
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